About Us

The Birth of Smaldore Associates, LLC & Bean-b-Clean®

Smaldore Associates, LLC, was formed as a wholesale company in early 2009, as the result of the birth of our first grandchild who developed cradle cap. After extensive and unsuccessful searches in stores and on the internet, we researched, repurposed, tweaked and tested an existing product as our first mission and brought the now named Bean-b-Clean® to the thousands of infants facing the same crisis.

We are a “mom and pop” company, rather, a “grandmom and grandpop” company whose goals are to provide needed, functional products at affordable prices.

We hope to sell our product to any retailer who shares our criteria for easing at least one of the tensions shared by parents of newborns and getting what is best for babies into their primary caretaker’s hands, at a very reasonable price.

Our Bean-b-Clean® can’t just be a great seller.
It has to be good enough to use on the most precious babies in the world – our grandkids!