Bean-b-Clean Cradle Cap Brush

Cradle Cap brush on babyThe Bean-b-Clean® is a revolutionary scalp massaging brush that’s a safe, soft and soothing. It is especially effective in the fight against cradle cap when used daily as directed.

If your baby’s scalp has dry, flaky skin that looks like dandruff, or even thick, yellowish or brownish, oily, scaly or crusty patches on his or her scalp, it’s more than likely Cradle Cap (seborrheic dermatitis). It can be unsightly and embarrassing, but it’s a common problem that afflicts many babies.

The Bean-b-Clean® takes the place of the brushes used in hospitals with the sponges on the back. Those are meant for one-time use because the sponge can become a breeding ground for bacteria and if the sponge is removed, the brush is too pliable to get a good grip for effective results.

We are committed to providing a product that can be used with confidence, knowing that it’s free from any harmful ingredients. Bean-b-Clean® has been thoroughly tested in the U.S., ensuring compliance with CPSC/CPSIA standards and regulations.

5–Star Customer Review

“I wish I knew about this brush when I had my oldest! I absolutely love this! I know cradle cap bothers moms more then baby but…. it’s not a pretty site. Having 3 boys and most recently I got my baby girl I couldn’t take it anymore. Just follow the directions on the back and you will see a difference. It will take a couple days but remember not to over do it. There is still a baby under there and you don’t want to irritate baby! #yourewelcome” – motherof4

Lightweight & Durable Brush Design

There isn’t a skin condition product like it anywhere on the market, and its lightweight, durable design makes it very easy to use regularly, and to clean and store it after each treatment. Some of the most severe cases of the condition may require that you apply baby oil, coconut oil, or even olive oil to your child’s scalp prior to using the brush, and letting it just sit there for a few minutes before beginning treatment. Once the oil has a chance to soak in, it can help to loosen all the scales and flakiness which have been troubling your infant.

Keep in mind that as bad as the condition looks on your baby’s scalp, it’s not really causing them any pain or discomfort, and in fact it probably causes parents more discomfort than it does the baby. However, it’s very understandable that you would want to eliminate this unsightly-looking condition as quickly as possible, and using the Bean-b-Clean brush product will help you accomplish that.

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Clean Your Cradle Cap Brush

Don’t forget to thoroughly clean the brush in between usages, because you won’t want to massage the debris from yesterday’s treatment back into the baby’s scalp. The brush itself should be stored in an open area with the bristles pointing downward, so it has a chance to dry effectively. One thing to keep in mind about daily treatments is that they should be discontinued if you notice that any kind of irritation develops, or if any abrasions appear on your baby’s scalp.

Compared with a traditional brush equipped with soft bristles, this brush has very short bristles which are somewhat firmer than those you’d find on a traditional brush. This makes it a lot easier to loosen the scales on baby’s scalp, and remove them in some cases. While you may not notice immediate progress, over a period of several weeks you should see that scales begin to loosen and are picked up by the brush for removal.

Re-Usable Cradle Cap Brush

This cradle cap brush is a soft, reusable brush that takes the place of the ones used by hospitals, and which are intended for single-use applications before being disposed of. This soft brush is the only product on the market which is effective in treating cradle cap, either before it appears or after it has already developed. In those cases where the condition is present already, using this soft brush will lessen the severity of it, and in many cases shorten the period where your baby is bothered by it. This brush can be used on either gender, and of course it does not harm the baby’s soft scalp in any way. This product is literally a parent’s most effective weapon in the fight against cradle cap.

It’s very easy to use, because all you have to do is moisten your baby’s scalp with warm water and then use a small amount of coconut or baby oil to massage into the scalp with the Bean-b-Clean brush. By using a gentle pressure in a circular motion, you can massage the infant’s scalp with the brush for several minutes. Then all you have to do is rinse off the scalp and wash the brush itself with warm, soapy water, before rinsing it off.

This will remove any oil which has been picked up by the brush, as well as any scales or other material which have been loosened from the scalp. Now you can use a tear-free dandruff shampoos to lather up the baby’s scalp, and massage away any oil that wasn’t originally picked up by the brush. Then you can rinse off the scalp, and in cases where your baby has a fairly severe case of cradle cap, you may even want to repeat the shampooing process, so as to be sure that all oil has been removed.

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Babies With Lots of Hair

For situations where your baby has a lot of hair on the scalp, you should be careful about scrubbing too hard, and about scrubbing in a number of different directions, because it could cause hairs to come out. A better technique would be to use short strokes which are all done in the same direction. The brush can be effective on older children as well as babies, but it will be necessary to part the hair, so that the brush can actually contact the scalp and massage it.

Speak With Your Pediatrician

If you’re noticing symptoms of cradle cap on your toddler’s scalp, you should probably discuss the condition with your pediatrician or dermatologist, in case they want to consider additional treatment for the condition.