How Retailers Can Help Customers Find a Cradle Cap Solution

how retailers can help parents

New parents have worries, and as a retailer you are often in the position to lend an ear, a word of advice, and a solution – right in your store!

A simple solution to a common problem

The Bean-b-Clean brush is an ideal choice for retailers that want to be seen as a source for top solutions and products for new parents.  The brush is specifically designed to treat cradle cap, a common problem in infants and toddlers which causes oily, scaly patches on the scalp and skin that are yellow or brown in color.

Cradle cap is a source of distress for many parents because it can be unsightly in appearance. Every parent wants easy solutions that are grab-and-go.

While there are complex formulas and multi-step treatments out there for cradle cap, the best treatment technique is actually quite simple: a daily washing routine that involves coating the affected area with olive or coconut oil and letting it sit on the skin, then washing with baby shampoo and the Bean-b-Clean brush.

Why the Bean-b-Clean brush?

The Bean-b-Clean brush is reusable, light, small, and effective for gently massaging baby’s scalp to treat cradle cap.

Unlike other baby brushes that can have bristles that are too long and soft to properly clean a baby’s scalp, or hospital-provided sponges that can harbor bacteria, Bean-b-Clean offers just the right touch for managing cradle cap. The brush is also a valuable bathing tool for washing without breaking or tugging at hair, providing a relaxing massage for baby. It can be used to gently style baby-fine hair.

Be a source of solutions for new parents

You can be confident recommending the Bean-b-Clean cradle cap brush. Bean-b-Clean is tested and compliant with CPSC/CPSIA standards and regulations and certified to be free from any harmful ingredients. Wholesale orders can be placed for online and storefront retailers.