Bean-b-Clean Helps with Surgery Recovery

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Bean-b-Clean brush used to clean scalp after surgery

We recently received this very special testimonial. Our gentle and effective brush helped a customer recover from surgery. Read the details in his own words.

Hello Bean b Clean,

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 5 years ago. I  had uncontrollable tremors that eventually caused me to lose control in my left hand. Fours years later my right hand began showing the same
tremors. Unfortunately in only took 8 months for my right to get to the same state as my left.

My neurologist suggested DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) surgery as a therapy. I was desperate so I signed up for what we laymen would call brain surgery.

Long story short, after the surgery, I was left with 27 staples in my head. 2 days after I got home I was able to shower and clean my head. I had orange antiseptic stain all over my head as well as dried blood. My wife suggested the Bean b Clean brush. She had purchased several in the past for her nieces new babies and as shower gifts. She went out the next day and picked one up.

What a difference! The brush was gentle yet took off a good bit of the after surgery gunk the first time I used it. After a few days, all was gone. No more orange head. I was able to gently brush between my staples as well. Bean b Clean was the way to go.

Thank you Bean b Clean.
Scott Bush

We are thrilled that our brush helped Scott!