Caring for Your Newborn’s Hair

Caring for newborn hair

A new baby is precious in every way. How do you care for your newborn’s hair?

Tips (and styles!) to try

Not every baby is born with a head of hair, but most can manage to grow some whisps by the time they are a year old. That doesn’t mean you can wait to start hair care, however. Follow these guidelines to keep every precious lock looking (and growing!) its best.

Rub a dub dub

Baby’s hair, like the rest of their skin, produces very little oil, so it’s not necessary to fully wash hair every day. Once or twice a week works. A quick rinse with plain water or a damp washcloth will do the trick when messy hands start rubbing in pureed carrot or crumbs.

Go gently with newborn hair

Baby-fine strands need TLC, so wash baby’s hair with a gentle touch. Try smoothing shampoo over hair in the direction it naturally grows and gently massage before thoroughly rinsing. Use a soft towel to pat-dry hair and smooth it in place. If you’ve reached the point of needing to style after bathing, choose a soft-bristle brush that can smooth and detangle without tugging.

Use baby products to care for newborn hair

Haircare products made for adults often contain colors, scents, and ingredients that can irritate baby’s sensitive scalp. Instead choose a shampoo made for baby use and steer clear of unnatural ingredients. Establishing a relaxing hair washing routine with soothing products means baby will look forward to this part of bath time.

Treat cradle cap correctly

Flaky skin or crusty patches on baby’s scalp isn’t dandruff, it’s seborrheic dermatitis, aka cradle cap, and it’s a common infant skin condition. While it often resolves within a few months, many parents want to get rid of the flaky look much sooner. Choose a soft brush designed for cradle cap, like the Bean-B-Clean brush. At each bath time, apply a few drops of baby oil, coconut oil, or olive oil to the affected area, let it soak in, and gently use the brush to loosen scales and flakiness.

Turn up the style

It’s never too early to start styling your baby’s hair. Well before the need for a first haircut, you can start grooming baby hair. Your cradle cap brush is a good choice for smoothing strands into place or fluffing up natural curl. In fact, brushing helps distribute natural oil, making baby’s hair shine.

For hair that’s longer than an inch, try adding a clip or bow designed for fine hair or parting hair. Many parents find trimming wispy ends or random long strands – using safety scissors and working with a helper – can make a world of difference for taming growing locks.