Summer Fun with Your Little Ones

Summer Fun with Little Ones

The summer months are a great time to spend time outdoors with your baby. Here are some easy ideas to get out and have some fun.

Take a Swim

Learning to swim is an important life skill. Get your baby in the water before they develop fear of the water. You can teach the fundamentals in your own pool or a community pool, or take a group class and make this a social activity.

Walk or Stroll

From just about birth, you can start getting your baby outside to hike or walk with you. Whether they are in the stroller, baby carrier or just in your arms, walking is a sensory delight with all the sounds and colors of summer.


During off hours when there are not many bigger kids around, playgrounds can be perfect places for babies to work on new large motor skills, such as crawling on new surfaces, pulling up and climbing.

Have a Picnic

Pack up lunch or snack and eat outside. You can look for a park with a picnic table or spread out a blanket on any patch of grass. Bring fun foods and worry less about the mess!


Bring book time outside to a rocker on the porch or a blanket on the lawn. Books about animals and the outdoors can be especially fun. You can point out trees, plants and critters that are mentioned in the text.

Blow Bubbles

Babies love bubbles. Pick some up at just about any store. Enjoy the giggles that are sure to be part of the experience.

Go Visiting

Take baby to visit friends their age. Going new places adds to their experiences. Time with people their age while you get time with people you enjoy is a win for everyone!

Go for It

I hope these ideas have given you inspiration to go outside and enjoy summertime with your baby. Enjoy exploring new places and things. You will probably find that the world is a different place when you see it through the eyes of your child!