Summer Strategies for Baby

summer strategies for baby

As the summer days grow longer you may find your outings with baby challenged by heat, sun, and bugs. These tips can make the season more manageable and keep your little one comfortable.

Dress for success: Rising temps may have you donning shorts but unsure of how to dress your infant. Bodysuits made from 100 percent cotton are perfect for summertime and allow for easy layering. The long sleeve version offers coverage from bugs and sun exposure as well as air-conditioning chills. For days outside, cotton is still your best bet for rompers and mix-and-match outfits – as well as for your own clothes when holding a newborn in your arms.

Shield from the sun: Keeping your new baby out of the sun is extremely important, especially since sunscreen isn’t recommended for babies under six months old. Instead, use other forms of sun protection, including bucket hats, baby sunglasses, and sunbrellas and sunshades.

Drink it in: We’re talking hydration here. If you plan to be out in the heat, make sure to offer your baby formula or breast milk more often, and bring extra along with you in a cooler. If you are feeling overly hot or thirsty, chances are your baby needs to hydrate.

Skip the shore: While enjoying the sun and sand might sound like bliss, keeping a newborn cool, clean, and comfortable at the beach often proves to be impossible. A short walk in a baby carrier after the heat of the day, or an hour under a beach tent may be all you can hope for this year. Activities to consider instead? Visits to museums, staying with family or friends, and staycations (where you explore your own area like a tourist).

Bathing baby: Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to increase baby’s bathing routine during the summer. A daily bath can lead to dry skin and sensitivity, particularly in combo with sun and heat. Aim for three times a week. On hot, humid days between washes, gently wipe baby’s creases with a damp washcloth. For easy hair washing, and help with flaky or dry scalp during summer, the Bean-b-Clean Cradle Cap brush is brilliant.

Pick your fun: Consider swapping outdoor plans for indoor and patio time this summer. Fill an indoor baby pool with balls instead of water, cool baby off with ice-cube sensory play, sign up for a baby-and-me swim class, and take advantage of cooler evenings and early bedtimes to take your little one with you for a late dinner out or an evening stroll.

The first summer with a new baby can be the start of sunny memories together where longer days provide the opportunity to slow down and relax at home. Follow these summer strategies for baby to get the most from the season!