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Bean B Clean Is Amazing!


My first daughter had cradle cap and I used the standard oil/comb combo for quite awhile before having to resort to an adult dandruff shampoo in order to clear it up. I thought my second daughter didn’t have much cradle cap but after swimming one day I noticed that it was actually pretty severe. I ordered this brush based on the reviews and used it with baby oil. I also used Bella B Bee Gone Cradle Cap Shampoo. After just 3 nights of this regimen her cradle cap is almost totally cleared up! The brush is well-made and the bristles are really soft. I saw another review that said it is just like the brushes you get in the hospital and it is definitely not. The bristles are plastic and while they are soft, they are also stiff/thick enough to remove the flakes. My daughter loves having her scalp massaged with the brush and totally relaxes while I do it. I never notice any redness on her scalp afterwards whereas using oil and a regular baby comb left her scalp irritated.