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Great for Cradle Cap!


This worked perfectly. My baby had a flakey little scalp that I could not get clean, I massaged it while shampooing with a brush and even brushed her hair every feeding to try and get it all off. I was too afraid to scrub too hard because of her soft spot. After using this just one week, it cleared up dramatically. I use it with bella bee cradle cap shampoo, not sure if you even need that special shampoo with this but I just wanted it gone fast. Its been about a month now and cradle cap is COMPLETELY gone 🙂 I love it because I don’t have to scrub her lil head hard at all, the bristles are tiny and soft so they lift up that shedding skin easily. I use it now just because it’s not abrasive and cleans well, so why not… Another reviewer stated you could get it free at your hospital or whatever, well good luck tracking that down.