Marketing Trend: Hire a Baby to Promote Your Products

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Have you ever thought of hiring a baby to promote your products? Seriously! The world of baby influencers has grown along with the general rise of influencers in digital marketing.

Baby brands are learning that young parents trust product reviews and parenting advice from social media influencers who they bond with.

Choose the Right Platform

It may take some trial and error to find the best platform and influencer for your marketing. Start by taking a look at some of the more common platforms, looking for baby influencers that might be a good fit as well as the content being shared.

  • Instagram is a good initial point of contact to show off products and create brand awareness.
  • YouTube allows for more in depth information and product demonstration which could lead to higher sales. Products like strollers and baby equipment are a good fit for YouTube. Ryan Kaji started doing toy reviews or “unboxing” on YouTube as a toddler. Now a preteen, he has amassed a net worth of over $32 million!

Select the Right Influencer

Use key word searches on social platforms such as “baby products” or “baby equipment’ to find user profiles of those who may already be promoting similar items. Influencers can be celebrities or regular people.

Some of your best customers might be good influencers! Picking a nano or micro influencer – someone with a smaller following that is highly aligned with your business –  can be more cost effective than someone with a huge following.

Your goal should be to choose a brand representative who already has an engaged following and who aligns with your target market and company values.

There are marketing agencies, such as SocialFly in New York, that specialize in finding influencers and developing their social marketing campaigns. Find a baby or new mom brand ambassador for your company who can authentically talk about how your business or product helps in their everyday life.

Build a Relationship

To create a strong attachment to your customer, strive for:

  • Relatable – the more real, the better
  • Realistic – no “too perfect” photos or unnatural scripting
  • Engaging content posted on a regular schedule

The partnership should seem natural, not forced. When a child partners with a brand, the brand becomes part of the connection they have with their followers as they enjoy watching them grow up.