Marketing to New Parents

market to new parents

Parents today face information overload. The dizzying array of information sources can be overwhelming. Savvy retailers market to new parents by tapping into the resources parents value most to help them discover the products they need.

Digital Marketing Sources Dominate

Past generations may have relied on parents or grandparents who lived nearby for advice or on a popular baby care book. Today’s parents have many more choices. In addition to

traditional resources, parents may use:

  • Parenting websites
  • Online forums such as Reddit-New Parents or Smart Parenting
  • Facebook groups
  • YouTube video content

A recent Pew Study found that 75 percent of parents with children under 18 used social media sites and groups for tips. Parents also use social sites and website forums to connect with other parents of newborns. Some sites provide a place to ask questions about baby care and get responses from group members.

Retailers Can Help Parents Solve Problems

Smart retailers provide information at the places used by parents. For example, a video posted to YouTube or on a social media channel can show how to give a newborn a bath and is likely to inspire more confidence than reading instructions in a book or discussing bath tips with a friend.

Videos can show products that make the bath process go smoothly. This could include baby’s clothes and diaper, a towel and washcloth, and even a special gentle scalp brush like the Bean-b-Clean to help with cradle cap.

Earn Their Trust

Millennials trust products that are simple, high quality, and solve problems. They appreciate stores and online resources that help them quickly find these products.

They also rely on product reviews and recommendations from friends. Getting and sharing reviews from happy customers is a great way to attract more business.