Best Practices for Reusable Cradle Cap Brushes

Best Practices for Reusable Cradle Cap Brushes

Bean-b-Clean is a soft, reusable brush that takes the place of single-use brushes used in hospitals and elsewhere. It is effective in treating cradle cap and keeping the brush clean takes just a few simple steps.

Why Bean-b-Clean Works

Bean-b-Clean is effective in treating cradle cap, either before it appears or after it has already developed. In those cases where the condition is already present, using this soft brush will lessen the severity and help clear it up.

This brush does not harm the baby’s soft scalp in any way. This product is literally a parent’s most effective weapon in the fight against cradle cap.

How to Use a Cradle Cap Brush

Here’s how we recommend you use the Bean-b-Clean:

  • Moisten your baby’s scalp with warm water
  • Use a small amount of coconut or baby oil to massage into the scalp with the Bean-b-Clean brush. Use gentle pressure in a circular motion to massage the infant’s scalp with the brush for several minutes.
  • Rinse off the scalp.
  • Use a tear-free dandruff shampoo to lather up the baby’s scalp, and massage away any oil that wasn’t originally picked up by the brush.
  • Rinse off the scalp.

While you may not notice immediate progress, over a period of several weeks you should see that scales begin to loosen and are picked up by the brush for removal.

One thing to keep in mind about daily treatments is that they should be discontinued if you notice that any kind of irritation develops, or if any abrasions appear on your baby’s scalp.

Clean Your Cradle Cap Brush

Thoroughly clean the cradle cap brush after each use You won’t want to get the debris from yesterday’s treatment back into the baby’s scalp. Simply rinse with war, water, followed by clean water.

Store the brush in an open area with the bristles pointing downward, so it has a chance to dry effectively.