ABC Kids Salon Supply Provides Products Parents Need

Bean-b-Clean at Taffy's

Bean-b-Clean is sold through wholesalers and one of our longstanding customers is ABC Kids Salon Supply. Like most businesses, the COVID outbreak has impacted how they operate.

Owner Scott Knapp remains committed to helping parents with all the things they need to keep their kids’ hair healthy and styled. How that is done has changed since March 2020.

ABC Kids Salon Supply Offers the Bean-b-Clean Cradle Cap Brush

ABC Kids Salon Supply offers top quality products to children’s hair salons nationwide. They help salons to provide parents one stop where they can get a haircut and hair products like shampoos and accessories.

Scott has found that the Bean-b-Clean cradle cap brush is a popular product for parents with babies. With a retail price of around $7, the brush is an easy investment in maintaining baby’s scalp. It helps with cradle cap and can be used regularly for gentle brushing and scalp massage. It’s a win on salon shelves!

Since 1995, Scott has had a related venture – Snippets hair salons in the Chicago area. COVID led to the shutdown of that business after 25 years.

Introducing Taffy’s!

Taffy's Kids Hair Emporium

But Scott isn’t done helping parents. He has now opened Taffy’s Kids Hair Emporium.

At Taffy’s, parents can get a variety of kid’s products. Shampoos, rinses, detanglers and more line the shelves. Add to that fun products like boots and hair ribbons of all shapes and sizes. No surprise, one of the most popular products these days is kid-sized masks.

We were tickled to see the Bean-b-Clean on the shelf at Taffy’s!

Bean-b-Clean at Taffy's

There is also space where stylists can offer on-demand haircuts. Despite COVID shutdowns, he’s trying to help parents get the products and services they need.

Scott is also hard at work helping salons figure out how to provide services under the new normal that include profitable retail sales. With reduced service capacity, product sales can be part of the formula to remain profitable.

We’re grateful to Scott for his business. He’s helped many parents discover our one-of-a-kind brush!